Audi A3

Audi A3

If we were only able to say one thing about the Audi A3, we’d say that it was a complete milestone in automotive history.

It redefined the compact class of automobiles and became an instant best-seller. With sporty flair and a design that didn’t feel pretentious, it was the everyday car for those hungry for performance.

Two Decades and Three Generations – a History of the Audi A3

The Audi A3 was first presented at the 1996 Paris Motor Show as a ground-up development of the Golf IV platform. It was the foundation for what would become a larger class of premium compact cars. Over the generations, it completely changed forms, providing drivers with a more sporty style each iteration. 

A Bite-Size Automobile – Technology and Innovations of the Audi A3

The 2019 Audi A3 comes in both convertible and sedan styles with a Golf platform. In terms of power, it has a turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder engine with a choice of two variations, which range from 186-220 horsepower. The car also comes optionally with Quattro all-wheel-drive. 

On the interior, you have a pop-up infotainment screen with 4G LTE-powered Wi-Fi and a beautiful digital gauge cluster.

The Audi A3 Over Time

  • First Generation Audi A3 (1996-2003)

The first-generation A3 was only available as a three-door hatchback to begin. It received a 1.9L TDI engine update in 1999 and new headlights/trims in 2000. 

  • Second Generation Audi A3 (2004-2013)

By the second-generation, the car became available in a five-door Sportback model. Audi’s Fuel Stratification Injection Technology was introduced, and more powerful trims came with Quattro all-wheel-drive. By 2005, the A3 had an updated grilled and headlights, as well as some other exterior and interior updates. By the end of the second generation, the A3 got an updated magnetic ride suspension. 

  • ThirdGeneration Audi A3 (2013-Present)

The third-generation A3 got internet connectivity and a modern infotainment system. It was much lighter than the previous version as well. The taillights and bumper became more aggressive during this generation, too. 

The Audi A3 in the News

According to recent Audi news, the Audi A3 Cabriolet will be leaving the American market by 2020, though the Sedan version will be sticking around. This has to do with the fact that the volume has fallen by around 52% over the past year. 

Celebrity Endorsements of the Audi A3

Though it may not be an American best-seller, there are quite a few celebrities who love their Audi A3s. Those celebrities include actress Keira Knightley, actor Ruper Friend, and actress Sarah Jessica Parker. 

Best Audi A3 Groups

Though there are only a few small Audi A3 clubs and groups around the internet, there is a much larger and far more popular Audi Owners Club for owners of A3s and other popular Audi models. 

The Audi A3 – a Genuine Performance Machine

The Audi A3 has been through it all in the past few decades, though its performance and sophistication have remained constant variables throughout the years. We can only expect the automobile to continue setting milestones for the compact car world as time moves forward.