Datsun on-Do

Datsun on-Do

When it comes to Russian safety and technology in the automobile world, no one makes a better consumer vehicle than Datsun.

After entering the market in the early 2010s, it has made quite an impact in the sub-compact market. Referred to as the “Do” for the traditional Japanese world for “move,” it is a vehicle made for freedom and mobility.

A Quick History of the Datsun on-Do

The Datsun on-Do was originally launched on April 4, 2014, for the Russian market, though it wasn’t until late that July when AutoVAZ began manufacturing the automobile. The idea of the car came from the Lada Granta, which was an AutoVAZ vehicle first manufactured in 2011.

Features and Technology of the Datsun on-Do

The 2019 Datsun on-Do sports a 1.2L engine that, while small, is smooth to ride and surprisingly powerful. It utilizes high-quality Datsun dual overhead camshaft technology for both power and efficiency. Some of the top features include the snow-melting heat technology, automatic temperature control, and a 178 mm LCD touch-screen with a 3D city display.

A Modern Timeline of the Datsun on-Do (2014-Present)

While the 5-speed manual transmission was the first and only transmission available for some time, the 2016 model added a four-speed Jatco automatic gearbox. While Datsun never re-invented the wheel or set out to do anything innovative, they did take the 5-speed manual VAZ and insert it into this little sedan.

The modern Datsun on-Do utilizes an upgraded domestic box to reduce noise and vibration. 

The Datsun on-Do in the News

In recent Datsun news, the company, as well as the parent company Nissan, are currently in the midst of a financial crisis. One of the solutions to the company’s problems may be to cut some of their popular cars from their lineup. The Datsun on-Do, one of the older models in the Datsun market, as well as seven other cars, might be the ones cut in the next few years. 

Learn more about the Nissan financial crisis below.

Celebrity Endorsements of the Datsun on-Do

We have not been able to locate on-Do celebrity owners, though there are many classic Datsun celebrity owners that may surprise you! Those celebrity owners include Adam Carolla and the late Paul Walker.

Best Datsun on-Do Groups

There aren’t many large Datsun on-Do clubs and groups out there, though there are some great Datsun clubs, including the Datsun Forum. Here you can chat with other Datsun owners and enthusiasts, check out Datsun-specific articles, and look into the long and rich Datsun heritage.

The Datsun on-Do – the Car that Moves

Though the Datsun on-Do is not the fastest, strongest, or greatest car in any category, it is the perfect consumer car for the practical person who is constantly on the move. You might not be revving an on-Do at a stoplight getting ready to race or ripping through the mud out in the mountains, though in terms of reliability and practicality, it is a top-notch vehicle that we hope will continue to grow throughout the years.