Honda s2000

There isn’t an automobile work of art that is quite as frustrating, yet inspiring as the Honda s2000.

With funky characteristics that made it unique to say the least, it is one of those cars that was neither great nor terrible. With that said, many consider it a priceless piece of Honda history, so we’re here to find out why.

A Brief History of the Honda s2000

The Honda s2000 can be traced back to the Tokyo Motor Show in 1995. It was the first time since the 1960s that a Honda Roadster had been released. Unfortunately, the model didn’t get the attention that Honda thought it would, and many thought that we would never have a consumer version of the car. Everything changed in 2000 when the company released the s2000, a strangely iconic piece of Honda history that would change their sports car game for years to come.

Technology and Innovations of the Honda s2000

The last time that the Honda was produced was on August 19th, 2009. It utilized a 2.2L, naturally-aspirated inline-4 engine that had a max horsepower of 239. It came with rear-wheel drive and a soft convertible top. Some of the other major features included the drive by wire throttle and the electronic stability control system.

A Timeline of the Honda s2000

  • Honda s2000 First Generation (1999-2003)

The first generation Honda s2000, otherwise known as the AP1, featured a front mid-engine and rear-wheel drive. Thanks to the DOHC-VTEC inline four-cylinder engine, this car could output 247 horsepower. At the time, it was the highest specific output from a normally aspirated engine compared to other cars around the world. Some of the top features included the electrically assisted steering and double wishbone suspension.

  • Honda s2000 Second Generation (2003-2009)

The second generation s2000, otherwise known as the AP2, underwent tons of changes. The suspension was re-tuned to help eliminate oversteering and the spring rates and shock absorbers were altered to improve overall stability. Some major cosmetic changes included the brand new LED taillights and oval exhaust pipes. The F20C model was introduced to the American market with a larger engine and chassis, as the cars were fairly tight on the inside up until that time.

The Honda s2000 in the News

In recent news, a Honda s2000 that was undergoing maintenance, as well as a slew of other mechanical gear, was stolen from Saline Used Cars this past month. While it was the only car the suspect took, they also snatched a box holding 19 keys to other vehicles at the shop.

Celebrity Endorsements of the Honda s2000

It might surprise you to find out how many celebrity s2000 owners there are, as it’s not the most unique car in the world. Some proud celebrity owners of the s2000 include Nascar driver Danica Patrick, Star Trek’s Chris Pine, and British racing driver Jenson Button. Don’t think the s2000 can race? Check out the video below!

Best Honda s2000 Groups

The s2000 Club is a group that all s2000 owners need to look into. The website is filled with useful information on the car and its different parts, and also has information on different clubs around the world. 

The Honda s2000 – a Benchmark in Stick-Shift-dom

To this day, you’d be pressed to find a naturally-aspirated engine quite like the one in the Honda s2000. This street-legal race car, though a small part of Honda’s history, changed the game for good and remains a work of genius, even with all of its quirks.