Nissan Sunny

Nissan Sunny

The Nissan Sunny has one of the strangest and bumpiest histories out of most automobiles on the market.

It’s been through an array of market changes, as well as a few different brand names.

Though it was originally created by the Datsun brand to fill a subcompact void in the Datsun line, it eventually moved to the Nissan brand where it continues to sell around the world today. 

A Choppy History of the Nissan Sunny

The fist Sunny appeared back in 1996 under the Datsun brand, though it would eventually change over to Nissan in 1981. For many years, the car went through a variety of changes. It wasn’t until the end of 2006 that the Japanese market cut production of the Nissan Sunny, though the name still remains in use in the Indian market. 

The Modern-Day Nissan Sunny

The last iteration of the Nissan Sunny appeared in 2017, though it is still made today. The car is available in three separate variants including the XE, XL, and XV. Each of these are made with petrol or diesel engines. There are a wide variety of features including ABS and EBD brake assist, foldable ORVMs, rear parking sensors, a 2-din music system with Bluetooth capabilities, and auto climate control.

A Timeline of the Nissan Sunny

  • First Generation Nissan Sunny (1981-1985)

The first true Nissan Sunny appeared in 1981 after the switch from the Datsun brand. It was a subcompact car that was available in a variety of body styles. 

  • Second Generation Nissan Sunny (1985-1990)

The second-generation Nissan Sunny was the last generation for the Station Wagon. It had a more angular style and came complete with a front-engine, front-wheel-drive.

  • Third Generation Nissan Sunny (1990-1993)

By 1990, the car started to get a more rounded and modern-style body. It was only available in a sedan style during these years, though there were a variety of transmission styles to choose from.

  • Fourth Generation Nissan Sunny (1993-1998)

The fourth-generation Nissan Sunny had a slightly larger trunk than the third-generation, though it was powered by the same 1.4L, 1.6L, and 2.0L engines. Equipment levels and trim levels remained the same as well. 

  • Fifth Generation Nissan Sunny (1998-2006)

The Sunny got a facelift in 1998 with an even more rounded body, giving it an aerodynamic performance. It was then that the two-door sedan was discontinued for international markets. 

  • Sixth Generation Nissan Sunny (2011-Present)

The last iteration of the Nissan Sunny was unveiled in 2011. It became a car for the Indian and Chinese automobile markets with a standard modern sedan design.

The Nissan Sunny in the News

In recent news, Nissan is looking to fire over 1,700 people from its Indian factory and operations team. A lot of this is due to the fact that the new Nissan Sunny is selling unusually slowly.

Celebrity Endorsements of the Nissan Sunny

While we have yet to stumble upon any Nissan Sunny celebrity owners, there are quite a few celebrity owners of Nissan cars in general. Some of those celebrities include Ryan Lochte, Zac Efron, and Nicollette Sheridan.

Best Nissan Sunny Groups

If you’re looking to talk with other Nissan Sunny owners and enthusiasts, one of the best places to do so is the Nissan Owners Club Sunny forum.

The Nissan Sunny – the Brightest Star in Nissan’s Past Galaxy

Though the Sunny has fallen off the map when it comes to Nissan’s worldwide sales, it has a funny history that is worth talking about. We can only hope that the future is a bit brighter for Nissan’s post-Sunny vehicles in the future.