Renault Clio

Renault Clio

As one of the most beloved cars in the United Kingdom, the Renault Clio has made quite a name for itself since it first hit the road in the early 1990s.

This car can fit a variety of needs, from acting as an everyday driver and transporter for regular citizens to a serious performer thanks to eventual upgrades. This little hatchback might have more under the hood than you would expect.

A Brief History of the Renault Clio

Renault released their Clio to the world in 1990 at the Paris Motor Show. The word “Clio” was drawn from the Greek word meaning “to make famous.” It was made to replace the Renault 5, which had aged quite a bit at the time. Renault made the Clio a bit wider and longer, with better handling and comfort.

Style and Technology of the Renault Clio

The 2019 Renault Clio comes complete with a stunning lighting design and curved front grille that gives the car a much sleeker look than prior generations. Some of the top features include Clio’s R-Link multimedia system with Android Auto, front and rear parking sensors with a parking camera, and an Active Emergency Braking System.

Pivotal Moments in Renault Clio History

  • First Generation Renault Clio (1990-1998)

The first-generation Clio was available in both three-door and five-door body styles with a four-door edition in some markets. It utilized either a 1.2L or 1.4L E-type petrol inline-four engine. It was named the European Car of the Year in 1991.

  • Second Generation Renault Clio (1999-2006)

The second-generation Clio had a completely redesigned front end with a new grille and bumpers, as well as bigger headlights. A 1.5L engine was added alongside the 1.6L 16-V, which produced 110 horsepower.

  • Third Generation Renault Clio (2006-2014)

The third generation Clio utilized either 1.2 or 2.0L engines with 140 horsepower. By 2009, Renault Sport and GT versions were introduced to the line, as well as revised safety equipment. The entertainment system was the first to featured iPod connectivity. 

  • Fourth Generation Renault Clio (2014-2019)

The fourth-generation Clio featured a completely restyled design, including LED lights, a gear shifter, all-round parking sensors, and more. Overall, the technology was modernized and the body became much sleeker. 

  • Fifth Generation Renault Clio (2019-Present)

The fifth-generation Clio added a multimedia touchscreen in their Smart Cockpit with different sizes in different trim models. 

The Renault Clio in the News

In recent Renault news, two teenagers drove a black Renault Clio into the River Tyne near Babylon, though they were luckily able to escape before getting injured. 

Celebrity Endorsements of the Renault Clio

Though the Renault Clio acts as a comfortable consumer car for daily drivers, they have had some pretty successful celebrity collaborations. One of the most successful was with French footballer Thierry Henry.

Check out his commercial below!

Best Renault Clio Groups

Looking to share your love for the little Clio with other owners in the UK? Make sure to check out the Renault Owners Club.

The Renault Clio – a Beloved Hatchback

Since the car’s initial launch, there have been more than 13 million of these little guys sold. As we move into the future, we can expect to see more concept-style cars from Clio, helping to bring this consumer car into the high-tech automobile world.