Toyota Camry

When it comes to best-selling mid-size sedans, nothing can quite beat the Toyota Camry.

As one of the most reliable and fuel-efficient cars on the market, the Toyota Camry has been winning over the hearts of casual car buyers since it first debuted.

It only makes sense that we take some time to talk about what is possibly the best-known vehicle in the world: the Toyota Camry. 

A History of the Toyota Camry

Toyota first introduced the Camry as a replacement for the then-popular Toyota Celica. While the Celica was a popular, Japanese rear-wheel-drive car, the first Toyota Camry was front-wheel drive. It wasn’t until 1983 that the Toyota Camry became available on the U.S. market. 

Technology and Innovations of the Toyota Camry – the Family-Friendly Economy Car

The 2019 Toyota Camry is sporty and performance-based, far from the “economy-style” car that it used to be. There are ten different trim models with an array of high-quality features including a panoramic roof, a pre-collision safety system, impressive four-cylinder and V-6 engine choices, and a futuristic infotainment system. 

A Timeline of the Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry
  • Toyota Camry – First Generation V10 (1983-1986)

The first generation of the Toyota Camry was meant to replace the Corona as the larger brother of the tiny Corolla. It was one of the first-ever Toyota “compact cars” with a four-door design and front-wheel drive. The car initially had a 2.0L fuel-injected inline-four engine. 

  • Toyota Camry – Second Generation V20 (1987-1991)

The second-generation Camry boasted a bit more space in the interior, as well as a larger trunk. The lines became more rounded for aerodynamics, and a wagon spinoff was introduced with 20 additional horsepower. In 1988, Toyota began offering four-cylinder models with all-wheel drive. 

  • Toyota Camry – Third Generation XV10 (1992-1996)

The third generation Camry was about two inches wider and six inches longer, with more interior space and even curvier lines. This generation offered two different engine choices: a 2.2L four-cylinder and a 3.0L V-6 engine. The two-door Camry Coupe was released in 1994. 

  • Toyota Camry – Fourth Generation XV20 (1997-2001)

The fourth-generation saw a two-inch wheelbase stretch, though it was also a bit lighter. Though the same engine choices were used, the car had increased horsepower: 133 and 194 based on engine choice. 

  • Toyota Camry – Fifth Generation XV30 (2002-2006)

With an even longer wheelbase and a taller build, the fifth-generation Camry was better for holding passengers and much sportier thanks to the added trim levels. This is the first time in-dash navigation was offered. The Camry Solara was redesigned as a convertible in 2004. 

  • Toyota Camry – Sixth Generation XV40 (2006-2011)

The sixth-generation Camry had a 158 horsepower, 2.4L four-cylinder base with an option for 3.5L that provided great speed. Of course, they were also larger and longer than the previous version. The hybrid was first introduced in this generation, too.

  • Toyota Camry – Seventh Generation XV50 (2012-2017)

This was the first generation not to offer a manual transmission, though they did make major upgrades to the infotainment systems with smartphone connectivity, navigation, Bluetooth, and more. 

  • Toyota Camry – Eighth Generation XV70 (2018-Present)

The eighth-generation Camry was upgraded with better driving dynamics and an all-new platform, bringing the design into the 21st century. 

The Toyota Camry in the News

As you can see in the video, a car thief was just recently in the news for stealing a Toyota Camry and driving it along the beach in Southern Los Angeles during a high-speed car chase. He was eventually pulled over onshore when the car became stuck in the sand.

Celebrity Endorsements of the Toyota Camry

Not all celebrities are driving around in fancy, European sports cars. Some prefer simpler vehicles, like the Toyota Camry. One of the most famous Toyota Camry owners out there is Samuel L. Jackson. 

Best Toyota Camry Clubs

One of the best Toyota Camry Clubs in the U.S. is the Toyota Owners Club. Here you can find a variety of forums with tons of information on everything Camry!

The Toyota Camry – Daringly Dependable

Comfort and dependability have always been the top priorities in the world of the Toyota Camry. With almost 40 years of manufacturing and many more to come, the Toyota Camry will likely retain its spot as one of the most driven cars in the world.