Toyota MR2

Since the late 1960s, car manufacturers have been exploring the idea of a sports car that was compact and mass-produced.

Many agree that it wasn’t until the MR2 that this dream came true.

A History of the Famed Toyota Two-Seater, the MR2

The MR2 was influenced by a 1976 design project that was aiming to make a fun sports car with good fuel economy. By 1983, Toyota debuted the first MR2 at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Technology and Innovations of the Toyota MR2

Production of the MR2 eventually ceased in 2007. At the time, the car utilized a 1.8L I4 engine with 138 horsepower. 

A Generational Timeline of the Toyota MR2

  • First Generation Toyota MR2 (1984-1989)

The first generation MR2 came in supercharged and naturally-aspirated models. By 1989, aerodynamic wing mirrors and full-length side skirts became standard.

  • Second Generation Toyota MR2 (1989-1993)

The second generation featured an engine with 156 horsepower and changes to the suspension, as well as added power steering.

  • Third Generation Toyota MR2 (1999-2007)

The third generation MR2 was the last year of the series and utilized new five-speed manual transmission and an optional limited-slip differential.

The Toyota MR2 in the News

According to recent MR2 news, many believe that the MR2 is making a comeback in the form of an electric vehicle. Check out some theories below!

Celebrity Endorsements of the Toyota MR2

The MR2 dates back to the 80s, and it is pretty amusing to find out that American actress Alyssa Milano learned to drive on one back in the 80s.

Best Toyota MR2 Groups

With 25 years under their belt, the MR2 Drivers Club is one of the largest MR2 groups in the world.

The Toyota MR2 – a Shift into the Sports World

After the declining economy had an effect on sports cars in the mid-2000s, the Toyota MR2 saw its demise. We can now only look forward to the future in hopes for an all-electric MR2.